Review Board Management: Reassign Applications

If a reviewer is no longer able to score applications for your program and therefore you need to reassign their applications to another contact or contacts, you can do that all from the Manage Round page of the review round.

Reassign a single application

If you need to reassign a single, specific application from one reviewer to another, you can do so in Application Mode on your Manage Round page. To confirm you're in Application Mode, navigate to your Manage Round page and ensure the Application toggle in highlighted.

Search for the application you need to reassign by application code, first name, or last name. Once you have located the application, click Edit to start the reassignment process.

This will open to display a transfer table with all contacts on the left-hand side and currently assigned reviewers on the right.

Add a reviewer to the application by selecting the contact from the left-hand Contacts table and using the arrows to move them into the right-hand Reviewers table. To remove a reviewer from the application (and complete the replacement), select the reviewer from the right-hand Reviewers table and move them to the left-hand Contacts table.

Once complete, select Apply Update to save your changes and reassign the individual application to the selected reviewers. This change will be reflected in the applications table.

Reassign Multiple Applications from a Single Reviewer

At any point throughout your review process, you can reassign multiple applications from a single reviewers to other contact(s).

To do so, navigate to Reviewer Mode on the Manage Round page.

Search for the reviewer whose applications you would like to reassign by first or last name. Select Reassign.

First, select the applications you would like to reassign to another reviewer:

  • Only applications without scores submitted
  • All applications ( any previously submitted scores will be archived)
  • Custom: Enter number of applications to reassign
    • If you select this option, you will need to enter the number of applications you would like to reassign in the text box under the # Apps to Reassign column. The reassigned applications will pull from unscored apps first, and scored apps second.

Next, select the contact(s) you would like to assign the applications to. Contacts available for reassignment will appear in the left-hand Contacts table. This table includes all contacts and current reviewers on the Add Reviewers page.

Once contact(s) are selected, move them to the right-hand Reviewers table.

As additional contacts are added to the right-hand table as reviewers, the system will divide the total number of applications to reassign evenly between all contacts in the table.

For example, if I am reassigning 10 applications to 2 new reviewers, the system will default to assigning 5 applications per reviewer.

You can always update the number of applications you would like reassigned to each reviewer by editing the number under the New Applications column.

Once the number of new applications per new reviewer(s) is complete, click the Reassign with New Applications button to process the application reassignment.

The number of applications listed under the New Total columns on the reassignment table will now be reflected in the reviewer table of the Manage Round page.