Review Board Management: Set and Update Round Start and End Dates

Round Start Date/Time

  • Your review round will open to reviewers when the Start Date and Start Time hits. While these fields are optional during review round set up, they are required in order to launch.
  • Once the review round is open, reviewers will be able to actively score applications assigned to them. They will be able to re-submit applications as many times as desired until the review round closes.

Round End Date/Time

The round will close at the End Date/Time set on the round. Once closed, reviewers will not be able to submit or resubmit scores.

  • Reviewers are welcome to submit, edit and resubmit their scores when a review round is open, but the ability to submit scores will lock when the End Date/Time hits.
    • Reviewers will still be able to see the scores they submitted, but will not be able to edit or submit new scores.
  • If you need to extend the scoring timeline because all reviewers did not submit scores - you need to update the End Date/Time to a future date and time.

Set Start and End Dates

You can set the Start Date/Time and/or End Date/Time on initial round creation.

Additionally, you can set the Start and End Date/Time at anytime from the round Settings page.

Time Zones

Start Time and End Time will be localized for the user who entered the start time on the round. For example, if you are located in the central time zone during set up and enter 12:00pm, the review round will launch at 12:00pm central. If you are located in the central time zone during set up and want to launch the review board at 12:00pm eastern, you will enter 11:00am.