Kaleidoscope Connect: Email Message Delivery

Email delivery is a measure of the percentage of outgoing email messages which are received at their intended destination. While sometimes referring to the status of a single message, email delivery usually is a rate of delivered versus intended messages and summarized as the 'Email Delivery Rate.'

Best Practices to Increase Deliverability

Identify yourself

Maximum company visibility helps. Placing your company name in the subject line of your emails and including your physical mailing address and phone number in your email footers helps mail providers recognize you as a legitimate company and email sender. This also helps your recipients know that this message is indeed from you.

Encourage recipients to trust you

With email, things don't happen overnight, and magic wands are few and far between. So for the most part, the actions of your recipients are the highest voice of authority. Encouraging your recipients to do certain things can help bolster the trust ISPs have for you and your messages. Some examples can include:

  • Add us to your address book!

Having a recipient add your from address to their address book or trusted senders list can go a long way. More often than not, if an ISP's recipients trust a sender, they will be more lenient to similar messages to different recipients.

  • Star or Mark as important!

A simple inbox action like this is just another way your recipients can tell their mail providers that they want to continue seeing your messages.

  • If you don't receive an email right away, please check your spam folder and mark "not spam"

Adding this simple sentence to your sign-up form area can solve a lot of potential heartache. If a message you sent ends up in a recipient's spam folder, and the recipient manually goes in and pulls it out, that's fantastic! This not only helps an ISP's incoming mail filters in avoiding false positives, but also improves your standing with that ISP.

Additionally, if you know that the email domain you are sending messages to aggressively blocks outside emails, we highly suggest you work with the IT department at the domain's organization to get the following IP address whitelisted:

If you are sending from help@mykaleidoscope.com, you may also consider having the domain's organization whitelist the following domain:


Images & Files

For file distribution, we recommend linking to hosted files within the email, rather than including them as attachments. This helps to ensure that your message gets to the recipient regardless of any attachment restrictions on the receiving mail server. You can also use secure site logins or credentials to track who is coming to your site to download these files, and make sure they're only accessed by the intended recipients.

Source: https://support.sendgrid.com/hc/en-us/articles/360041790453-Best-Practices-for-ensuring-Email-Deliverability