Kaleidoscope Connect: What can I do about email bounce backs?

When sending an email campaign from Kaleidoscope Connect, you may find that some contacts show a "Yes" under the Bounced column of your campaign results page. A bounce occurs when a sent message is rejected by the receiving mail server. The most common causes for bounced email messages include a misspelled or nonexistent email address.

When an email bounces back, there are a couple of actions you can take to ensure the contact receives the message:

1) Send an SMS message with steps to update an email address.

If you have SMS in Kaleidoscope, you can send an SMS campaign to the recipients who received a bounce back in your email campaign. To do so, we suggest you open a new Connect tab to create your campaign. Have your email campaign results page in a separate tab.

Under your SMS campaign recipients tab, filter by email address and copy/paste the email addresses of the recipients who bounced back into the Conditional Value field, comma separated.

In the Body field of the SMS campaign, share the steps to update an email address on a contact's Kaleidoscope profile.

When a contact updates the email address on their profile, the email address will automatically update in Connect.

2) Send an email to their updated or corrected email address.

If you have the correct email address for a recipient (one you know will not bounce), you can send an email to the contact outside of Connect. Include the steps to update their email address in Kaleidoscope so that the next time you send an email campaign in Connect, it will not bounce.

If you have additional questions regarding bounce backs in Kaleidoscope Connect, please reach out to our Support Team.