Review Board Management: Creating Review Round

  1. Select Blue ‘Create Round’ button to create a new review round 

  1. Complete all required fields: 

Required Fields: 

  • Round Title – Name your round 
  • Round Type – Select whether your round is a Scorecard or a Rank round. 
    • Scorecard – Reviewers will complete a scorecard of questions relating to an application. 
    • Rank – Reviewers will rank an application within a list of applications. This type is suggested for a round with 20 or less applications.  

Optional Fields: 

  • Start Date – Enter in the date you’d like this review round to start. On this date, your review round will be available to your reviewers to begin reviewing.  
  • Start Time – Enter in the time this round should open for the reviewers. Time entered is based on your local time zone.  
  • End Date – Enter the date this review board should close. On this date, your reviewers will not have access to continue reviewing 
  • End Time – Enter in the specific time the review board should close. At this time, your reviewers will not have access. Time entered is in your local timezone.3. 

  1. Click the blue ‘Save’ button to save your work and proceed to the next step of setting up the review round: Select Round Applicants. Click ‘Cancel’ to cancel this round set up.