Review Board Management: Adding Reviewers to a Review Round

After selecting the applicants to be reviewed in the round, we suggest adding reviewers to your round.

In this article, we will review:

To start, navigate to the Add Reviewers page in your review round. 

Add Existing Reviewer Contact

To add an existing contact as a reviewer to your round, search for the contact in the Contact table (left-hand table) by name or email address (we suggest searching by email). Once you have located the contact you would like to add to the round, select the contact and click the right pointing arrow in between the tables.  

You can also select several or all contacts at once and move them to the Reviewers table with one click.  

You can also add new contacts as reviewers one-by-one or in bulk. 

Add New Contacts Individually 

To individually add a new contact as a reviewer, click the “Click to Add Contact +” button under Single Contact.  

This will open a modal where you will be prompted to enter the First Name, Last Name, and Email of the new contact to be added as a reviewer. 

Enter the required contact details and click “Add contact” to add the new contact as a reviewer in the round. Once successfully added, they will appear on the right-hand Reviewers table.  

Bulk Add New Contacts 

To add multiple new contacts as reviewers to the round, start by creating a csv file containing your new contacts list.  

We recommend you download the sample file and work directly from that file. This will ensure the format of your csv is correct. Note that headers in the csv file must exactly match headers in the sample file. 

Your csv file will consist of three columns: Reviewer First Name (first_name), Reviewer Last Name (last_name), and Reviewer Email (email).  

Once your file is complete, click the “Import CSV File” button.  

This will begin the process of adding the new contacts as reviewers to your round. You will be able to watch the status of the file processing and note when it is complete.