Review Board Management: Select Assignment Criteria

After selecting the applicants to be reviewed in the round and adding the reviewers to review those applications, the next suggested step is to set up how those applications will be assignedto the reviewers. 

To do so, navigate to the “Set Assignment Criteria” tab of the review round. 

There are four options to select from when determining how to assign applications to reviewers in the round: 

Assign All: 

If every reviewer in the round should review every application in the round, select “All”. 

Assign Evenly: 

If applications in the round need to be reviewed more than once by more than one reviewer, select “Evenly”. 

Enter the number of times each application needs to be reviewed in this round. This will randomly assign applications across reviewers so that each application is reviewed the number of times entered.  

For example, if you enter “2” - each application will be assigned to two different reviewers in the round.  

Assign Custom: 

To assign applications to specific reviewers based on applicant data, select the “Custom” option. 

This will allow you to assign applications to reviewers based on an applicant’s response to a question on the application. 

For example, if you want to assign applications based on which state the applicant lives in, select the question in your application where the student responds with this data and assign based on their response.  

To do this, start by selecting the application question that correlates with the data you wish to assign applications by. 

  1. Click “Select Application Question”. 

  1. Select the desired application question. Only dropdown, multi-select, or single-select questions are available. 

  1. Next, you will assign possible applicant responses to reviewers. 
  2. Select a response, then select a reviewer who you’d like to review all applications with that response. For example, If I select Non-binary, then select Morgan Phipps and Laura Kniffin and click assign, this means that Morgan and Laura will be assigned to review all applications where the student answered ‘Non-binary’ to the application question, “Gender?”