Disbursement Tracking

View and track the status of your award disbursements on the disbursement page in your client portal.

Here you can see a summary of all disbursements separated by program or fund. Each program/fund displays a chart calculating total amount disbursed, and remaining fund balance.

To edit a disbursement record, click the 3-dot menu on the record you want to edit.

  • Note, if a disbursement has already been paid and the check has cleared, you can still view the record but editing will be disabled. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager for any edits needed on an already paid disbursement record.

For applicants that have multiple disbursements for a single award, you can view their award summary by clicking the 3 dot menu, then 'view summary'. This will display the total amount they've been disbursed to date, and the remaining award balance.