Review Board Management: Archiving Review Rounds

There are several reasons you may wish to archive a review board round. In this article we will cover the following:

What does archiving a review round do?

When a review round is archived, the following is true:

  • The review round will be hidden on default on your program's review board dashboard
  • The review round will not show to reviewers formerly assigned to that round
  • The review round will not show on your score report
  • Any score(s) submitted in that round will no longer count in the Review Board Total Score and Review Board Average Score for applications.

Archiving a review round

To archive a review round, navigate to your program's review board dashboard.

Click the small folder icon on the review round you would like to archive. Confirm that you want to archive the round.

Once confirmed, your round will be archived. You can view archived rounds at any time by selecting "Show Archived Rounds."

Unarchiving a review round

You can unarchive a review round at any time. This will revert all of the above bullet points for the round.

To unarchive a round, click to Show Archived Rounds from your review board dashboard.

Then, click the small folder icon with the "+" symbol.