Kaleidoscope Connect: Cloning a Campaign

To make campaign creation easier and quicker, you can clone a previously created campaign. In this article we will be covering:

  1. How to clone a campaign
  2. How to ensure your cloned campaign is ready to be sent

Clone a Connect Campaign

To clone a previously created Connect campaign, click the ellipses next to the campaign you would like to clone.

Select Clone.

The cloned campaign will appear on the top of the list in your Connect dashboard (will contain "CLONE" in the title).

We recommend editing the title for your cloned campaign right away, so you can keep track of the campaign in the future. To do so, click the ellipses on the cloned campaign and select Edit Title.

Once edited, click the Save icon.

Send or Schedule your Cloned Campaign

Prior to sending or scheduling your cloned campaign, you will need to refresh the recipients list to ensure contacts populate.

To do so, click the refresh icon in the bottom right corner of the recipients filters box.

Once selected, you will see the recipient number populate. Filters are copied over from the cloned campaign, so if nothing is changed, the recipient number should remain the same.

All content including From and Reply To Email will be copied from the original campaign. If changes need to be made, do so from the Create Content page.

If no additional changes or edits need to be made to the cloned campaign, navigate to the Review & Send page to schedule or send your campaign.