Unsubscribe From Emails

If you no longer wish to receive email communication from Kaleidoscope, you can unsubscribe at anytime either from an email, or your account profile under notification settings.

Note: Unsubscribing from emails will prevent you from receiving ANY emails from Kaleidoscope. This includes password reset emails and any program specific emails sent from the Kaleidoscope platform (reminder emails, recommendation requests, award notifications, etc.).

To unsubscribe from an email, navigate to the bottom of the email and click the blue unsubscribe link. You should then be brought to apply.mykaleidoscope.com and see a pop up confirming you have successfully unsubscribed.

To unsubscribe from your account profile, login from apply.mykaleidoscope.com/login

Navigate to the top right corner menu and select 'profile'.

Scroll down to the Notification Preferences section, and update your communication preferences accordingly.