Program Build + Edit: Testing Your Form

After you make edits to your program, you can test your form by clicking on preview in the top right corner of the main page in Award Builder.

Upon clicking the preview button, you will be redirected to the program landing page.

Simultaneously, your user role will be automatically switched to 'applicant', enabling you to easily navigate through the application process.

Note: you will notice a transformation in the header navigation menu. This reflects your newly assigned applicant role and grants you a comprehensive preview of the applicant experience.

Click the 'Testing' button to review your newly created form.

(Once the form is live, this button will say 'Begin')

After you've finished testing your program, from the top right corner, select the user menu dropdown and click 'Switch Role'

Then, select 'client' to return back to your client portal.

Once you have completed all testing, you can remove all test applications from your view.

From your applications list page, select the three dot menu on the application you wish to delete, then select 'Delete Application'

Note: All applications created while the program is in testing mode will have an application status of 'Prototype'. Only applications in this status can be deleted.

Lastly, select 'Confirm' in the pop up to permanently delete your test application record.