Program Build + Edit: Recommendation Questions and Deadline

If your program requires a recommender to submit a recommendation or answer questions about the applicant, you can create a recommendation page in Award Builder.

To create a recommendation page, navigate to the 'Application Pages' section of award builder, and select 'Add New Application Page'

Then, under 'Select Page Type', click 'Recommendation'.

Enter your page title and description like you would any other page in your application.

  • If the recommendation is required in order for an application to be considered complete, check the required box.
  • If this page should be redacted from reviewers, check 'Redact from review board'

The following section will include the questions asked of the applicant regarding their recommender. By default, the applicant is required to provide details for the first name, last name, email, and relationship to the recommender. The message field enables the applicant to include a message that will be included in the email request sent to the recommender.

To add additional questions for the applicant on this page, click 'Add New Application Question' under the message field.

After you have finished setting up the recommendation request page in your application, you can then set up the questions for the recommender user.

Scroll to the top of the current page, and click 'Return to Award Builder'

Recommendation Deadline

Under the application page section, you will see 'Recommendation Requests'. Here you can set the recommendation due date, and add the required questions for your recommenders. If you need to adjust the date, you can do that on this page.

Click 'Add Recommender Questions' to create your questions.

This page allows you to create instructions for your recommender, along with the questions they should answer about the applicant.

Below is an example of how the instructions and questions will show to a recommender.