Plagiarism + AI Content Detection: Overview

The Kaleidoscope Plagiarism + AI Content Detection tool is designed to identify plagiarism and AI use in Application essay responses. This tool utilizes advanced natural language processing technology, also known as NLP, and machine learning algorithms to perform extensive searches across the Internet and various databases.

How it works:

Once an applicant submits their application, our tool will analyze any submitted answers with a word count of 100 or more.

Results will be available to program administrators from their client portal. To view these results, click into your program and navigate to the 'submitted' tab.

There will be two separate percentages:

  • AI Content Detection
    • The AI content detection percentage shares the amount of qualifying text within a submission that the Kaleidoscope's AI Content Detector has determined was generated by AI, with 99.12% accuracy.
  • Plagiarism Detection
    • The plagiarism detection percentage represents the percentage of words from the original text that have been copied from at least one source.

A detailed report of each scan is also available. Simply click on the three dot menu on the far right side of the record, and click 'view scan results'.

This report provides additional details on both the plagiarism and AI scan results.

Watch overview video here.