Design Your Program Landing Page

Every program application has a landing page where applicants can learn more about the award program, the application, and your organization.

To add details to your Program Landing Page, click on the "Create Marketplace & Landing Page" tab in the program builder.

To add details to your Program Landing Page, enter copy under the associated header: Introduction, Description, Qualifications, Selection Process.

Introduction: Draw the applicants in with an interesting introduction. Share a bit about the history of the program, past winners, or your organization.

Description: Share what to expect by providing a brief description of the program. Give more about the program application and application process.

Qualifications: Be upfront about the qualifications necessary to win your award. Be specific and, where possible, link back to eligibility rules.

Selection Process: Share how you intend to select the award winners of your program. If added, this information will display on your program landing page.

None of these categories are required and to exclude them from your landing page, simply leave them empty. However, we suggest you complete some of the categories to increase the number of qualified applicants to your program.

Your program landing page will default to use your organization's logo, primary, and secondary colors. You can update these per program from the "Set Program Details" tab in the program builder.

To update your organization's logo and colors, you can do so from the Account Preferences page in your account.

To preview your Program Landing Page, click "Test Application" at anytime.