Testing Your Program Application

At any point during the program application build or edit process you can test the applicant experience for your program application.

To test your program application, click the "Test Application" link in the upper right-hand corner of the program builder.

This will open a new tab with the Program Landing page in a Prototype view. Prototype applications will display a "Prototype" banner on all pages of the application.

Complete the application as you would if you were applying to the program yourself.

At any point during testing you're able to navigate back to your program application builder in your open tab to make edits. Edits made will display in your Prototype application if you refresh your browser - no need to start a new Prototype application!

Once your have completed the application and click "Submit" you will be brought back to the program application builder to make any final edits.

Keep in mind that edits will not be displayed in the real application until published or re-published.

Prototype applications will not display in the applications list for your program. Nor will they show in the review board, so feel free to complete as many as needed!