Publish Your Program Application

Publishing your program application will make your program landing page accessible to applicants via the program URL. If published publicly, your program application will also be discoverable from the Kaleidoscope Marketplace. To publish your program on the public Kaleidoscope Marketplace, please reach out to your Account Manager.

When ready, you can publish your program application by selecting the "Publish" link in the upper right-hand corner of the program application builder. Once successfully published, a confirmation modal will appear displaying your program details and a button to view your published program landing page.

Fields required to publish:

  • Application Open Date
  • Program or Account Logo
  • Primary Color

Your program can be published, but not open. When your program application is published and not open, applicants will be able to view your program landing page, but will not be able to click "Begin".

You can "Unpublish" your program application at any time. This will block any applicants from accessing your program landing page and beginning an application. Keep in mind that unpublishing a program that was at one time published may cause confusion for Applying applicants.