Applicant Communications

There are a set of email communications that are sent to applicants throughout their application process. These are triggered to be sent based on actions taken by the applicant.

Automated Email Communications

Application Welcome: When an applicant begins a new application.

Application Ineligible: When an applicant is marked Ineligible for an award program.

Note that you will receive the same emails when testing your application.

You can view the email content for each of these automated emails from the Communications tab in your program's sidebar.

Application Submitted: When an applicant submits their application.

Manually Triggered Email Communications

In addition to the automated email communications that will be sent to an applicant, you can manually trigger an Application Deadline Reminder email to be sent to applicants in Draft at anytime.

To trigger the email send, navigate to your program applications manager table.

Click the "Send Reminder Email" button.

This will open a modal that will display the email template and the number of applicants that will receive the email. This email will be sent to all applicants in a Draft status.