What do I do if my recommender did not receive a log in link?

A email will be sent to whomever you enter under the recommendation step in the application/form as soon as you click 'Submit'. 

Please note, often times the email lands in the spam/junk folder or can be blocked by school district firewalls, so if your recommender is still unable to locate the email you can advise them to follow the instructions below.

Visit Kaleidoscope: https://apply.mykaleidoscope.com/login from there they will be prompted to set up a password if they have not logged into Kaleidoscope before. Make sure you advise your recommender to create an account with the email address you submitted in your application. Once logged in their home page will show your recommendation request that needs to be completed. 

If your recommender/school counselor creates an account associated with a different email than the one you submitted, they will not be able to access your request and will need to email help@mykaleidoscope.com for assistance.