Program Management: Tracking Application Progress

You can track the progress of your award programs by clicking "Programs" on the top ribbon in your client portal. 

If you have multiple award programs, they will all be listed here. Please note the "status" of each form - it could be prototype, accepting applications, closed, review board, etc. This also shows the open date and deadline date (if applicable).

To view applications for a specific program, click on the program name. After you click on the program, you will be brought to a screen that shows application progress. You will be able to see applications in the following groups: 

  • Applicant (all applications - all statuses)
  • Started (draft applications, applicants who have yet to complete their application)
  • Submitted (applications that have been submitted)
  • In review (if the individual application status is updated to in review)
  • Awarded (applicants that have been selected as a winner for the award program).

If you click on an application, you will be brought to an individual application. You will see all questions asked in the application and the applicant's answers.