What is Award Builder?

Award Builder is a software tool included free through Kaleidoscope where you can build and create an application on your own. This tool allows you to create scholarships, forms, and award acceptance forms for your organization. The tool allows your organization to build awards before your eyes. Award builder is recommended to be used for basic level awards with little logic added into your forms. 

Below are some situations where you might want to use Award Builder:

  • Your foundation has a simple scholarship application where students’ complete questions about their education, activities, and an essay question. This is a great application to get built in Award Builder! 
  • You have your selected winners for a scholarship that Kaleidoscope built for you. You want to ask the winners to complete an award acceptance form telling you about where they are going to school and the mailing address for their disbursement. You can create this in award builder!
  • You wanted to check in with your scholars to see how their semester went, you can create a form with questions for them to answer in award builder!