Program Management: PDF Bundle Exports

What is a PDF Bundle?

A PDF bundle is an applicant’s application and all documents related to that specific application bundled together in one PDF document that can be exported. The PDF bundle includes all questions asked in an application and the applicant's responses along with any document uploads tied to that specific application. Documents attached to an application could include: a headshot, essays, transcripts, financial aid information, etc.

How do I export all PDF’s from one of my programs?

Step 1.) Login to your Kaleidoscope account and select ‘client’ when logging in.

Step 2.) Click ‘programs’ on the Kaleidoscope ribbon at the top of your screen.

Step 3.) Select the program you would like to export PDF’s for.

Step 4.) Select the applicants you need PDF bundles for.

  • In the example below, I would like PDF bundles for the 4 selected Kaleidoscope Women in STEM applications.

Step 5.) Navigate to the upper right section of the page and click "Run Report", then select "PDF zip file".

Step 6.) After you selected “PDF zip file” the download process has been initiated and you will see a confirmation message pop-up in the top right corner of the screen. The PDF bundles will begin processing and can be accessed from your 'Reports' Tab.

Depending on how many applications were selected to export, the PDF bundle creation process could take longer to complete. The file export will display 'Processing' in the far right column, until fully exported

Step 7.) Once the PDFs are done processing, click on the 3 horizontal menu dots and select 'Download.'

Step 8.) You are done! You have successfully exported the bundle PDF's and can download these right from the Reports tab.