Program Management: Changing an Application Status

When you are logged in as a client, you can change the status of an individual's application or multiple applications. Follow the steps below to change an applicant's application status from your client portal. 

1.) Login to your client portal at:

2.) Click “Programs”, in the top ribbon bar

3.) Find the form you wish to update the status of and choose “View”. Once you select “View”, you can search the applicant’s name in the top right search bar (see below). Search by First Name, Last Name, or Application Code to find the application you are looking for:

4.) Once you locate the application you’d like to update, click the three dots next to the record and select “Update Status”.

5.) After you click “Update Status” the record will open, and you will be able to change the status. A dropdown menu will appear and you will be able to select a new status from the dropdown menu. Select the new status you would like to use for the application.

There are many status options available, but the three statuses that should be used most frequently are listed below.

  • Draft: allows the applicant to access the application again and make edits
  • Submitted: applicant will not be able to access the application anymore and it will be marked as complete/submitted
  • Ineligible: this status will not allow the applicant to continue working and can be used to classify applicants that are not eligible for the scholarship or grant.

7.) Once you select the new status option and click save, the application will be updated and will be reflected in your portal as well as for the applicant.

How to Update Multiple Statuses at a time:

8.) To update multiple applications statuses, to the same status, follow the above steps 1-3. If your program has multiple applicants, you can also change the number of records that are viewed on the page by clicking the drop-down under "Record per page" 

9.) Click the blue "Update Status" button located in the upper right section of the page and select the status you wish to change the applications to.

The count of applications selected will display in the pop-up modal. Be sure to verify you are changing the correct number of application statuses.

10.) After you have selected the status, click the blue "Update" button.