Document won't upload

If you're having trouble uploading your document, follow these troubleshooting steps:

1. Check your file type. The file types we support are: pdf, docx, png, jpg, mp4, MOV, avi, WMV

Note: Some programs have specific file type requirements.

2. Check your file size. Documents must be under 1mb. 

  • If your file is larger than 1mb, try using a file compressor tool like adobe or
  • College Board SAT Score Report - If you are uploading a score report downloaded from College Board, the file is likely too large and needs to be compressed. If you need assistance with compressing your file, please email your file to

3. Unblock pop-ups. If your browser is blocking pop-ups, it may be preventing our document upload window from opening. If nothing happens when you click on the document upload button, unblocking pop-ups from the Kaleidoscope website may solve the issue!

4. Contact Us! Please email us at for any additional assistance or questions.