Program Management: Upload/Replace a Letter on Behalf of a Contributor

Did an applicant reach out to you with a new letter of recommendation that needs to be uploaded for their recommender that they listed on their application? Or, did a third-party contributor (ex: recommender) reach out to you with a letter of recommendation they weren't able to upload? You can upload/replace recommendation letters on individual applications directly from your Kaleidoscope client portal for any third-party contributor steps where a third party recommender needs to upload a document (ex. recommendation letter) for an applicant. 

1.) Login to Kaleidoscope and select "client" when logging in.

2.) Go to "Programs" on the ribbon in your client portal across the top.
3.) Click on the correct program name.
4.) Find the application that needs a letter of recommendation uploaded or replaced.
5.) Scroll down in the applicant's application and find the reference/letter of recommendation step.
6.) Look for the correct reference contact and select "edit".
7.) Once you select "edit" you can upload the letter of recommendation.
8.) Upload the letter of recommendation and press submit.
9.) You're done!