Program Management: Upload/Replace Documents on an Application

Did an applicant reach out to you with a document that needs to be updated, added, or removed in their application? You can can replace/upload any documents that are part of the application process directly from your Kaleidoscope client portal.  Examples of documents that are asked in applications: transcript, resume, professional headshot, essay, letters of recommendation, tax returns, FAFSA, proof of enrollment, etc. 

1.) Login to Kaleidoscope and select "client" when logging in.

2.) Go to "Programs" on the ribbon in your client portal across the top.
3.) Click on the correct program name.

4.) Find the application that needs a document replaced or uploaded, click on the application.

5.) Click the button "Upload Documents" (this is located next to the applicant's name). This will show any application steps that include document uploads.

6.) Locate the correct document upload step. 

7.) Replace or upload the new document into the applicant's application. * To replace a document that has already been uploaded, click the 'X' next to the document that was previously uploaded by the applicant.

8.) You're done!