Program Management: Contributor Completeness Report

What is a Contributor Completeness Report?

A Contributor Completeness report is a report that includes the status of all recommendation/contribution requests that have been added to your applicants' applications. This report can help track and manage applicant recommendations/contributions for your program.

What does the Report look like?

The report will include the applicants Name, email, application code, and the status of their application. It will also show you the names and emails of the contacts that have been added as a contributor to that applicant's application, as well as if they have submitted their recommendation request or not.

How do I export a contributor completeness report for one of my programs?

Step 1.) Login to your Kaleidoscope account and select ‘client’ when logging in.

Step 2.) Click ‘programs’ on the Kaleidoscope ribbon at the top of your screen.

Step 3.) Select the program you would like the report for.

Step 4.) Select the applicants you need the report for. You could select specific applicants, or you could select all submitted applicants, all draft applicants, etc.

  • In the example below, I would like an a recommendation report for the 15 submitted Women in Stem applicants

Step 5.) Navigate to upper right side of the page and click 'Run Report', then click 'Contributor Completeness'

Step 6.) After you selected 'Contributor Completeness', the download process to create the report has been initiated. Navigate to your 'Reports' tab to export the report. Larger reports may take longer and it will say pending if the report is not yet ready to be downloaded (You will also receive an email directly to your inbox with a link to download the report once it is complete).  

Step 7.) Click on the three horizontal dots to open the menu options. Click 'Download'

The report will then be accessible from the bottom of your browser (if using chrome), or the 'downloads' folder on your local device.

Step 8.) You are done! You have successfully exported a contributor completeness report for your program.