Kaleidoscope Connect: Schedule a Campaign

Want to work ahead and create all communication campaigns that will be sent over a span of time? You can do that by using the Schedule Campaign option in Kaleidoscope Connect! 

This is often used when scheduling reminder emails to contacts. For example, you can schedule several reminder emails to applicants in a ‘Draft’ status prior to your program close date. 

Schedule Campaign: 

Once your campaign’s recipient list is set and content has been created, navigate to the ‘Review & Send’ tab. 

Click on the date and time picker under the Schedule Campaign block.  

Select the date and time you would like this campaign to be sent. Be sure to enter AM/PM, as well. All times entered will be set in the central time zone, so please set your desired send time accordingly.  

Click the green check mark to schedule your campaign.

Once scheduled, you will see the campaign status update from “Draft” to “Scheduled” on your Campaigns Dashboard. You will also see the scheduled date and time forsend. 

Cancel Scheduled Campaign: 

You can cancel a scheduled campaign at any time prior to the date/time for send. To cancel, click the “Edit” link on the campaign from your Campaigns Dashboard. 

Navigate to the “Review & Send” tab.  

Select “Cancel Campaign”. 

This will move your campaign back to a “Draft” status. From there, you can set a new date/time or choose to send now.