Kaleidoscope Connect: Add Campaign Recipients

Select your recipient role type: 

After you have created your campaign, you will be directed to the Add Recipients tab. 

Start by selecting the contact type this campaign will be sent to: Applicant, Reviewer, or Contributor. 

Once a contact type has been selected, you will see a list of all contacts under your account with that role type.  

If a contact has that role type across multiple programs within your organization, they will appear more than once on the recipient list– one for every program they are a part of with that role type. A contact will receive one email for every instance they are listed (e.g.Cody Anhorn is listed twice and will receive two emails). 

If you wish to send a campaign to all members of your account with this role type, click “Save Recipient List” and move forward to Create Content. 

Filter your recipient list: 

Once you have your recipient role type set, you can further filter the recipient list. To do so, select a column to filter by. 

A common filter is Program. This will filter the list to display only that role type within that specific program. You can add as many programs to this filter as needed.  

Every additional column filter added will act as an “AND” filter to your recipient list. For example, let’s set up a recipient list of reviewers in the Elements Test Scholarship program, review round Evenly Round 2 who have not yet completed scoring their applications. 

First I will add a program filter and select “Elements Test Scholarship.” Then, I will add a round name and select “Evenly Round 2.” 

This will display all reviewers in Evenly Round 2 of the Elements Test Scholarship program’s review board. 

Now, I want to filter this list further to only select reviewers who have not yet completed scoring. I will add the column “Applications Completed” and set it to Equals False.