Reviewing on Kaleidoscope

1.) Login to Kaleidoscope: 

    • Username: Your email address 
    • Password: Same password you’ve used in the past. If you have not set your password, go to the same link above and select "forgot password" - you can then create your password for your Kaleidoscope account. 

2.) When you login, you will be directed to this screen if you have multiple roles in Kaleidoscope 

    • Select 'Review Board Member'

3.) Once logged in as a “Review Board Member”you will be brought to the page that shows a list of scholarships for you to review. You may or may not have applications from previous years in your portal.  

    • Click 'Score Applications' on the program you want to review.  

4.) Click 'Score Application' next to the application you want to score. 

5.) The application will open with the scorecard on the right and the application on the left.  

6.) You can either click 'Save' and come back later or click 'Submit Score' to complete the scoring. 

7.) The application you’ve submitted will move to the ‘Submitted’ section, so you can keep track of the applications you’ve completed and those still left to review.