Program Build + Edit: Editing Forms

Changes can often happen from year to year, or even from one award cycle to the next. Did you recently change an essay prompt, need to change a question label or description, or want to add another answer option for a question? You can now make edits to your forms and the edits will update in real time for you to view and test.

In this article we will review:

Branding your program

Program Settings

Editing your Program Landing Page

Editing Application Pages

To get started..

1.) Go to "Programs" on the top ribbon in your client portal.

2.) Click on the three dots on the right-hand side of the program you wish to edit, and click "Edit".

3.) To begin making edits, you will need to update the Award Status of the form to "Draft". The form must be in draft status to make edits. After you select "Draft", navigate to the top right corner and press the blue button that says "Save".

  • Note - The following changes can be made under any status. Moving the Award to "Draft" is not necessary.
    • Marking or unmarking a question as required
    • Redacting a question, or an entire page from your Review Board Members
    • Editing either a page or question description

Branding Your Program:

1.) Update Logos:

Update your logo’s by selecting the green trash or pencil icons, then selecting your logo file from your computer.

Program Logo: This is the logo that appears on your program’s landing page.

Header Logo: This is the logo that will appear on each page of your application.

2.) Set your program colors:

Select the primary and secondary colors for your program. You can do this by pasting the hexadecimal color code, selecting the color from the color bar, or using the dropper tool to select a color from any location on the screen.

  • The primary color is displayed at the top of each application page, the header of the program landing page, and at the top of the program card displayed on the marketplace.
  • The secondary color is displayed on each section title on the program landing page.

3.) Title your program and create your program’s URL

In this section you can also define the award amount for your program. Toggling ‘Show Fund Amount’ to yes will display this amount on the program card in the marketplace.

Program Settings:

In this section, you can set your program open date, deadline date, and timezone. The form will automatically open and close on the dates and times you define here.

You can also control the following settings:

Allow Multiple Application Submissions – This enables applicants the ability to submit multiple applications.

Allow Contributor Edits After Submission Enable third-party contributors (such as recommenders and school counselors) the option to revise their responses after submitting their recommendation.

Allow Applicant Edits After Submission - Enable applicants the ability to make edits to their submitted application. Applicants need to click 'save' after making changes; however, re-submitting the form is not necessary. Note that edits can only be made if the program deadline has not passed.

Allow Applicant Uploads After Deadline - Enable applicants the ability to make edits to any document, video, or audio file type questions, even after the program deadline has passed.

Program Landing Page

In this section, you can edit your program introduction, description, and selection criteria.

You can also display eligibility requirements by completing the below fields.

Leaving these fields blank will remove the eligibility section from the program landing page.

Application Pages

In this section you can do a lot of editing to the application - you can view all pages, add new pages, and you can edit questions within each page. In the image below, there are 4 pages in the application. 

To edit individual questions on a page, click on the blue edit icon on the right of the page name.

After clicking on the page, you will be shown all questions within that specific page. 

You can edit the following items:

  1. Edit the page name
  2. Edit the page description
  3. Edit question labels
  4. Edit question descriptions
  5. Remove questions (If the question is connected to visibility logic, removing will be disabled and you must reach out to for assistance.)
  6. Rearrange pages
  7. Remove pages (If the page is connected to visibility logic, removing will be disabled and you must reach out to for assistance.)
  8. Make questions required or optional
  9. Change the question type: Checkbox, Currency, Date, Date(Date-Month-Year), Date(Month-Year), Date(Year), Document, Email, Long Text, Multiselect Picklist, Output Message, Phone, Picklist, Radio Button, Signature, Signature with Timestamp, Text, Video.
  10. Add additional answer options
  11. Add new pages
  12. Edit the error message
  13. Redact pages or individual questions from Review Board Members

Click save in the top right corner so all edits will save. To test any edits that were made to the form, click preview. 

After you click "Preview" you will be brought to the form - you can now review the landing page and click "testing" to test all application pages. 

When you are ready to publish your edits, select 'Publish' in the top right corner.

Repeat the steps above if there are additional edits. Be sure to test the application to ensure the application is working properly!