Release Notes: October 2023


Improved Applicant Experience

Our 'jump to' section now marks each step as completed with a green checkmark once applicants finish all required questions on a page. Enjoy a more intuitive and visually engaging application process, empowering your applicants to navigate through each step with ease. You can view more information here.

Program Editing

We are excited to introduce enhanced capabilities for our client admin users. With our latest update, when the program is in the draft or prototype phase, client admins now have the power to remove application questions and application pages. You can view more information here.

Archiving Review Rounds

You can now archive review board rounds from the program's review board dashboard. Archiving a round will hide the round for reviewers and remove scores from your review board total and averages for applications. Archived a round by accident? No worries! You can unarchive a round at any time. You can view more information here.

Additional Review Board Reports

To aid in set up and review board management, we have added reports available for export throughout a review board round. You can now get a report for Applicants in Round, Reviewers in Round, the Manage Round Applicants Table, and the Manage Round Reviewers Table. You can view more information here