Release Notes: November 2023


Viewing Applicant Uploads

When accessing or reviewing an application, applicant-uploaded documents will now open in a convenient pop-up modal, streamlining the user experience. In the event that a file type cannot be rendered within the pop-up, a download button will be provided. This enhancement not only ensures a smoother process but also eliminates the issue of automatic downloads to end users' devices, specifically addressing the previous challenge associated with .doc file types.

Deleting Test Applications

Client administrative users now have the capability to effortlessly delete any applications in prototype status directly from their portal. This empowers client admins to efficiently eliminate applications created solely for testing purposes. Previously confined to Kaleidoscope internal users, this functionality is now extended to our valued client base. View our help article here.

Additional Program Configurability

We are thrilled to introduce an expanded range of program configurability settings to the client portal. These enhancements encompass; the ability to permit multiple application submissions, enable contributor edits post-submission, allow applicants to make edits after submission, and allow applicant uploads after the deadline has passed. This update empowers client users with heightened control and flexibility over their program's application process. View our help article here.

Additional Score Report Formats

To aid in managing review rounds and selecting program finalists, we have added new score report formats available for download from Manage Round. Click to export your 'Score Report' and select one of our new format options - Grouped by Application, Grouped by Reviewer, or Application + Score Data. To learn more about these new report options, view our help article here.