Edit Your Program Application Form

Changes can often happen from year to year, or even from one award cycle to the next. Did you recently change an essay prompt, need to change a question label or description, or want to add another answer option for a question? You can make edits to your forms and the edits will update in real time for you to view and test.

To start, navigate to your program application form builder by clicking "Edit" on the program from your Programs page.

You can make edits to your program application at any time, even if a current version is Published and open for applications. Your edits will not be live until you re-publish your program application.

Once your edits are made, make sure to test your changes prior to publishing.

Please note - you must click the "Publish" button to push any changes or edits to the live application form. You will see a modal with confirmation that your program has been published when edits are live.

If you make a change that will impact already started or submitted applications (for example, adding a new required question), you will need to communicate to applicants to return to the application and complete the new field. If they do not, that will be left empty. For Pro or Enterprise organizations, you can create a new Connect campaign to applicants in Draft or Submitted statuses to inform them in mass.