Kaleidoscope Connect: Send an Email Campaign

In this article, you will learn how to:

Create New Campaign:

To get started, click on the Connect tab in the Kaleidoscope Client Portal. 

Click the button to Create Campaign

To edit an existing campaign, click the edit link in the campaign row. To clone an existing campaign, click the meatball menu in the campaign row and select Clone. This will clone the entire campaign including recipients and email content. 

Enter a campaign title and select Email as the campaign type. The campaign title is for internal use only, so enter something that will be easily recognizable to you and is unique to this campaign.  

After selecting email, you have the option to use one of the four available email templates or start from scratch. To start from scratch, leave the Template field blank and click Create.

To use a template, select from the Template dropdown and click Create. The following templates are available:

Applicant Nudge: A reminder to applicants to complete their application before the deadline date/time.

Contributor Nudge: A reminder to contributors (such as recommenders) to complete their recommendations before the deadline date/time.

Reviewer Nudge: A reminder to reviewers to complete their application before the deadline date/time.

New Reviewer Template: Instructions for new reviewers on how to log in and complete their review of applications.

Templates will establish your recipient filters and pre-load email content. You will need to update the recipients filter to be program-specific (see below to learn more).

Add Recipients: 

Use our recipient list builder to add the correct contacts for the email campaign. Follow our Add Campaign Recipients document to learn more about our recipient list builder.  

If a contact has that role type across multiple programs within your organization, they will appear more than once on the recipient list – one for every program they are a part of with that role type. A contact will receive one email for every instance they are listed (e.g.if Cody Anhorn is listed twice, he will receive two emails). 

Create Content:

When ready, start to craft your email message from the Create Content tab.  

Start by adding the From Name and From Email, Reply To Name and Reply To Email.

From Name & From Email: In a recipient's inbox, this will display as who the email is coming from. This will default to the From Name set in your Connect Settings and help@mykaleidoscope.com. If you have verified another email address with Kaleidoscope, you can update the From Email to be the verified address.

Reply To Name & Reply To Email: When a recipient replies to an email, this will determine who receives the reply.

Next, add a subject line and preview text to your email campaign. The subject line is a required field and should call attention to your email message. Preview text is an optional field. Preview text is the part of your email that appears next to the subject line in recipients’ inboxes. If it is not added, the preview text will default to the first line of the email body. 

Once a subject line is set, design the header for your email campaign. The logo and primary color will default to the header and primary color set in your Connect Settings, but you can customize per campaign. Additionally, you can realign the logo within the header.  

You can preview your header by clicking on the eye toggle in the upper right-hand corner. 

Finally, add your email body content. Use our rich text editor to customize fonts, colors, and format copy within your email. Additionally, add merge tags to your email copy to further customize an email message for the recipient. 

You can preview your email by clicking on the eye toggle in the upper right-hand corner. 

At any point during the process of creating email content you can send a test email. This will allow you to view what the email will look like within an email inbox (including subject and preview). Please note that merge tags will not populate for test emails. 

To send a test email, click the “Send Test Email” button and enter the test recipient’s email address. Ensure it is an inbox you have access to in order to view the test. 

Review & Send: 

Once you have finished creating your email, you will be able to review campaign details and send them when ready.  

From the Review & Send tab, confirm the number of recipients is correct, the From & Reply To Name and Emails are complete and look correct, and the Subject Line does not have any typos. 

You can also send one final test email before sending it to your campaign recipients.  

When ready, you can choose to Schedule your email campaign or Send immediately. View our help center article on scheduling a campaign for more information on how to schedule campaigns.

You will see statuses on the campaign change as it is actively sending and once sent. Once a campaign is sent, you can view results of the campaign. 

To send an SMS campaign, view our help center article here. SMS is a feature that can be added to your Kaleidoscope subscription. For more details, contact your Account Manager!