Release Notes: September 2023


Add an Access Code to your Program

Create an access code to share with specific applicants. This feature password protects your application so only users with the access code you created can start or resume an application. The program will remain closed to all other users. For more information, view our help article here.

Send Password Reset Emails

Easily assist your applicants and review board members with accessing their account by triggering a password reset email right from your client portal. For more information, view our help article here.

Edit Disbursement Records

In addition to viewing all disbursement records, you can now make edits including adding notes in the description field and updating the disbursement status. For more information, view our help article here.

Rank Review Round

You can now create and run a rank type round in Review Board! In this round type, you will select which application question responses you would like reviewers to rank applications by and add those to a reviewer table. Reviewers will move applications up and down on the table to establish application rank. We highly suggest using this round type when there are no more than 20 applications to be scored in the round. For more information on set up, view our help article here.

Rich Text in Scorecard

Highlight round instructions, create a step-by-step scoring guide, or embed a scoring rubric using the new rich text functionality on scorecard. Rich text is available on scorecard instructions and sub-labels/descriptions.

Send or Schedule Reviewer Emails from Review Board

Quickly and easily establish email campaigns for reviewers from within your review round. From within a review round, you can click to create a New Reviewer Email or Reviewer Reminder Email campaign. Recipient filters will pre-populate, and suggested email copy will already be filled out. For more information, view our help article here.